Dashcams on ID.Buzz

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New Buzz driver in North Wales.

Does anyone have experience of having a Dashcam fitted into a Buzz?

My car is on 2 year contract lease and so I need to be able have it removed without holes etc at the end of the lease.

Talked to my local Halfords yesterday and they said that they wouldn't do it "because it is an electric car and horrible thing can happen if it's fitted".

Back in the real world I find it difficult to believe that a dashcam cannot be fitted to an ID.Buzz!

All help welcome :)

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Post by Tamsbuzz »

haha I would love to know what horrible things happen
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Hi. I have an ID Buzz. I have the Nextbase IQ 4K front and rear cameras fitted. It plugs into the OBD port on the driver's side. All very easy and straightforward. I fitted it myself and took about an hour to put the wires in the roof. It works very well and I am happy with it.
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My Buzz has a USB C on the rear view mirror mount, I just bought a short USB C to Mini USB for the cam.


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We have one too, I fitted it & ran it to the fuse box. Only issue was finding somewhere for the neutral.
Grampa Simpson
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I bought one on TEMU … it came with USB C into the cam but with cigarette lighther socket plug in the other end … In my limited electrical mind I thought I could just replace the cable with s USB C -> USB C cable and connect to ID BUZZ USB C … But for some reason that does not work ..

so I had to by an USB C to USB C converter plug and use 1 cable from the only cigarette lighther socket in the rear and extend with a USB C to USB C cable .. It works but it s***s to have this long cable(s) running though to entire length of the buzz €:-(
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Hi to all on the forum. I collected my ID Buzz last week and am very pleased so far. Have never had a dash cam before so a steep learning curve for me. CHILLYSQUIRREL posted a picture of a Next Base dash cam plugged directly into the rear view mirror mount...seems like a very easy fit...would welcome any thoughts. If you read this CHILLYSQUIRREL I would be grateful to hear how this has worked for you. Many thanks.
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