Sep 13, 2021 Spy Shots

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Post by Mike » Tue Sep 14, 2021 12:14 am

From Motor1: ... py-photos/

It's always a fun exercise to see through the camouflage to see how much the near-production prototypes are faithful to the show circuit concept vehicle. My take on the latest spy shots:

  • The decal on the front is shredded at the chin over the entire width. This plus the graphics around the headlights and shredding around the VW logo indicates to me that the whole front appearance back to the door is a vinyl wrap. So nothing about the front presentation below the windshield can be trusted.
  • I'm disappointed they abandoned the side rear-view cameras in favor of the mouse ears.
  • It is surprising that nobody (that I have read) has mentioned the heavy disguise on the rocker panels. The concept has a wasp-waist taper, the proto shown is straight across beneath a large black Boxer panel. (I'll leave it to the cognoscenti to understand what a "Boxer panel" is.)
  • The cover panel on the rear pillar was suggested in the Motor1 article that it covers a window. That would be consistent with the T1 DeLuxe and other submodels with lots o' windows. However, look at the concept with its three-slot vent above the belt line. I think it is an homage to the vent panel on the T1 or the vents on the T2 and later. I'll wager the disguise panel hides the concept's vent slots
  • The spoiler is noted in the article as part of the disguise. I think not, it was on the concept.
  • The rear wrap disguises not quite as much as the front, but it still hides a lot. Compare the rear views with both the prototype and (I presume) production ID.4 - light clusters including the center bar could almost be interchangeable, the wrap covering the center LED cluster. Ignore, of course, the graphics implying rear corner clusters without the LED bar forward of the corners.

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