The great lie

Post pictures of your Volkswagen ID.Buzz here
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Post by nedwards9820 »

OOTB milage claim from VW: 300 miles. Pretty outrageous. I'd guess this is in case an ID Buzz is in the showroom?

Screenshot 2023-05-18 185501.png

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Post by DazofNaz »

Mine said that when I got it. It doesn't say that any more :C. It's only a GOM anyway.
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Post by Kernowkenn »

Ha! I guess it has always been known (and demonstrated by various YouTubers) that the real mileage is around 230. I’m currently averaging 3.3 so 77kWh available to use equals 254 miles (but this spring/summer) 😆 You don’t buy an IDBuzz for economy 😂😂
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