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Post by AdamM79 »

Anyone else’s steering wheel peeling off yet?
Mine is in a terrible state after about 4 months use,

My dealer has already got a replacement wheel on order for me,
They didn’t even bother looking at it,
I think this is a major problem
And have heard that they are going to proper leather for the wheels now…

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Post by madbilly »

I've not got any problems with mine so far, done about 2500 miles. My steering wheel is black, what colour is yours.
Cheers :)
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Post by mogoforest »

Exactly the same problem
3500 miles in 4 months and the outer skin of the white steering wheel is peeling
There has been no harsh cleaning, frantic clenched-hand driving or biting in frustration!! In fact the rest of the wheel, apart from the one section delaminating, looks like new.

I took it into the dealer last week. They photographed the wheel and sent off a warranty claim.
Hopefully I will get a replacement soon because it looks a mess.
I would be more than happy with a new wheel covered in dead cow rather than animal-free petrochemical byproducts if that's what it takes.
How come Tesla can make white plastic steering wheels that last?
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Post by AdamM79 »

mine is a 'white' wheel,
which is more like a mottled grey now,
will email the dealer to see where the new wheel is...
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Post by XM-AntClark »

Just swapped ID.4 to ID.Buzz same steering wheel but we have stuck with Black. ID.4 had done 38k miles and wheel had no damage.
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